Context-aware Email for Enterprise workforce

EVA: SmartMail

EVA makes your email work for you without having to check frequently for that important email you were expecting from your contact, lead, colleague or partner. With “Context-aware” email functionality, stay on top of everything in your business communications. EVA makes “engaging user experience” a reality with virtual assistant tasks that tracks, prioritizes, alerts and manages emails.

Smart Rule based Alerts

Set custom alerts asking EVA to notify when there is an email from a contact or an email bearing a specific subject line; Let EVA “track” an email through the day saving time, effort & anxiety. Consume emails that matters the most.

Listen to Emails

Read mails when you can & ask EVA to read it to you while driving or when tired using the touch and swipes.

Reply using Voice

Reply to emails with your own voice recorded and sent as attachment. Receiver(s) can playback your voice on their desktop or smartphone.

Comment, Share & Collaborate

Use a picture from the camera or take a picture using the camera, comment and record annotation using “Digital Ink” feature. Hassle-free, natural way to communicate& collaborate.

Save, Access & Manage Attachments Offline

With EVA’s SmartBox functionality, save attachments securely, use them to share, comment and present on smartphones and tablets. Supported across platforms, file management got “smarter” with EVA.

Federated Search

Looking for critical data across information sources including SmartMail is made easy with the federated search in EVA.

Smart Synchronization

Integrate with IMAP email (Microsoft Exchange Server/Gmail etc.)

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