SmartBroker: Trading on the move!


Today's brokerage customer is increasingly mobile, and is inundated with information. As a full-service or discount broker, you want to empower your customer with actionable and accurate trade and market information. Enter SmartBroker.

Mobile communication devices - SmartPhones, tablet-devices - are increasingly supplanting Desktop computers as information devices. They are highly personalized, have different media capabilities and most importantly - are always with your customers. SmartBroker translates your traditional brokerage application flows into this highly personal space - increasing the chances of trade execution.

Using advanced multi-modal technologies, and intelligent application rendering based on device and user personalization rules, SmartBroker empowers your customer to consume information intelligently.

Advanced features like mobile stock ticker, intelligent portfolio information, speech based control of trade and news information, intelligent media download, provide your customer with a comprehensive portfolio of features for anytime, anywhere any mode access to information.

SmartBroker Server interfaces with your trading systems and market information sources via web services or other industry standard middleware technologies like IBM's MQ Series and JMS.

SmartBroker client is available on all major cellular hand-held platforms running iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian and Embedded Linux.