EVA for Retail

EVA for Retail

Maximizing sales effectiveness and engaging with the consumers through right mobile solution is critical for Retail execution. With “EVA for Retail”, you can enhance sales rep productivity; equip store assistants with valuable information; empower store managers with critical insights in to execution and more.

In the highly competitive retail business today, consumers of all ages use their mobile device for shopping on-the-go, making more-frequent mobile payments, and connecting to other sales channels.

To serve to these tech-savvy consumers is your workforce equipped with innovative mobility solution that can boost their productivity, enable their efficiency across while securing the data at all times? Are you leveraging your existing retail back-end investments to their fullest potential?

Engaging Apps for Retail customers and workforce - boosting sales and loyalty in the retail channel

Meet EVA for Retail

The mobile “Enterprise Virtual Assistant” for your digital workspace. Built on Openstream's multimodal & context-aware mobile platform, EVA delivers exceptional user experience while enabling your workforce to focus on your consumers' needs. Whether it is your store manager and associates or the workforce managing operations in the back-end, EVA will perform the role of their assistant, adding value to their tasks:

Some of our Mobile Application Accelerators include:

  • Making Communications Smarter
    With EVA, managing multiple information streams - Email, Calendar, Contacts, Knowledge portal and blogs is easy from a single unified dashboard on any device. No need to juggle multiple apps – Set personalized alerts for timely alerts to stay on top of things in the order of the priority.
  • Richer User Experience
    Provide richer user experience with EVA's Multimodal interaction: Use speech commands to interact with EVA, let EVA read the mails or articles while you are driving, use EVA's digital Ink and annotation to share feedback.
  • Collaboration Made Easy
    Working with multiple streams of information, searching across all of these sources, sharing data across enterprise is easy and convenient with EVA. Having all communication and collaboration tools like Yammer, Skype, SharePoint, Twitter and YouTube improves enterprise-wide efficiency.
  • Secure Access to Data – Online and Offline
    Access to data and security of the same from within a single mobile application is a reality now. User profile based data storage for offline usage.