22-23 July 2013

W3C is pleased to announce
Get Smart: Smart Homes, Cars, Devices and the Web
W3C Workshop on Rich Multimodal Application Development

Hosted by Openstream

One of the key advantages of the W3C Multimodal Architecture (MMI) is its suitability for simple to sophisticated applications across devices in creating compelling user experiences, leveraging advances in i/o methodologies, and supporting inter-operability among multiple vendors' products.

This Workshop is of particular interest to industries seeking to leverage the dramatic increase in new modes of interaction, such as speech, touch, gesture, and handwriting. Industries including health care, financial services, publishing, broadcasting, automotive, gaming, TV's, and consumer devices will find this workshop especially valuable as a way to learn how W3C standards support these new forms of interaction.

Learn more about topics, dates for position papers, how to participate on the Workshop site:

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