Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Meeting the needs of Patients, Physicians, Pharmacists, and Medical Researchers with time saving and productivity enhancing apps and services.

The healthcare industry today is under siege from rising costs, tougher regulations and the growing demand for quality services. Mobility solutions provide innovative and effective ways for healthcare institutions to increase efficiencies and improve service quality. Easy, quick and reliable access to patient records, collaboration and sharing of patient information and decision-making on the move – these are just a few of the ways in which mobility is driving up productivity and reducing errors for our customers.

With several years of experience in the multimodal Healthcare arena we have designed Mobile Easy Health Assistant “meHa” for Patients, Caregivers and Physicians.

Personal Healthcare Assistant for Patients

  • Disseminate key medical information via text, voice and other communication channels
  • Timely reminders for adherence to drug regimen
  • Prescription refill notifications
  • Alerts for upcoming physician/lab visits
  • Measure, record, monitor & share various health parameters like Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Physical activity and more
  • Update/alert Caregiver and Physicians in real-time

Mobile Care Management for Caregivers

  • Track and manage patient's health, prescriptions and visits to physician
  • Learn and share information about the conditions, symptoms and remedies with patient, fellow caregivers (communities), and physicians
  • Notifications and timely reminders on drug adherence, activity adherence and visits to health center
  • Communicate and collaborate information with the physician, patient and other stakeholders

Remote Patient Monitoring for Physicians

  • Access to health records, key patient activities
  • Prescription and adherence tracking
  • Communication with caregiver & patient via text messages, voice notes & video chat

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Openstream is a corporate member of the American Telemedicine Association, and has presented Multimodal Healthcare at the W3C® plenaries.

Some of our Mobile Application Accelerators include:

  • Mobile Hospital Solutions including Material Tracking, Recording of Vital Signs.
  • Out-of-4-walls applications including Remote Nurse, Remote collaboration with HCPs.
  • Clinical Trials solutions including Adverse Event Reporting, Patient Diary, CRA functions.

Key Technology Benefits for Healthcare Services:

  • Multi-factor Security for HIPAA conformance.
  • Multi-modal technology for fast and accurate recording of Vitals and other information.
  • Manage all your mobile offerings from a single management platform.
  • Leverage best of both worlds - native and web, without sacrificing portability.
  • Leverage SOA investments in delivery of mobile care