Financial Services

Easy to use, intuitive, Financial Services Apps with built-in real-time analytics for Enterprise-Users and end Customers

EVA for Financial services

Financial Services consumers expect to access their personal and trading accounts on their smart devices in a secure environment for various transactions like alert-driven account access, bill payments and transfers. Employees, Sales and Account Managers expect to use the latest devices to deliver services and content to customers on the move. So, mobile financial services are fast becoming a key component of long-term strategy for banks and other financial institutions.

Openstream's “EVA for Financial Services” enables the delivery of rich mobile financial services applications across a variety of mobile devices and platforms for enterprise workforce and customers. We have several years of experience in the mobility financial services solutions space, with Application Accelerators for Mobile solutions covering both Retail and Commercial markets.

Some of our Mobile Application Accelerators include:

  • Asset Management with cash-flow visualizations, stock look-ups and news feeds relating to your selected classes of assets
  • Liquidity Management that tracks various cash-flows, commodities and transactions for individuals and for companies.
  • Funds Dashboard with Heat Maps that delivers timely, contextual content from across the globe, configurable for Enterprise customization.
  • Configurable Retail Brokerage Solution, extendable with Exchange Connectors.

Key Technology Benefits of EVA for Financial Services:

  • Mobilize your Web offerings without significant rewrites.
  • Manage all your mobile offerings from a single management platform.
  • Leverage best of both worlds - native and web, without sacrificing portability.
  • Leverage SOA investments in delivery of mobile services and content.