Field Force Automation

Field Force Automation

EVA for Field Force
With proven expertise in providing mobile computing solutions, Openstream helps deploy effective automation solutions for Field work force in a variety of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, retail, financial services, transportation, utilities and hospitality.

"EVA for Field Force" enables enterprises to assign jobs to field workers based on customer needs, and enables field workers to send, receive and collaborate on data and information as they move through the work day-wherever they may be in the given territory or facility. With EVA field workers can maximize their field activities and attend to that extra customer a day, increasing the productivity and returns.

Openstream offers a wide range of Field Force Automation solutions for Transportation, Utilities, HVAC, Construction, and other related service industries handling mobile assets.

Multimodal Advantage
Field service activities traditionally have been managed using paper, but were very difficult to track and analyze. Thanks to significantly improved interfaces with various media (voice, text, electronic), enterprises now have the ability to "push" alerts, information and work orders out to the field force personnel. Field workers can connect to core systems, and access maintenance systems to review manuals, repair histories, work orders and execute other important documentation attached to a machine or asset. With advancement in Mobile computing device capabilities, field force can now interact with the applications using speech and/or stylus improving the interface efficiency. Speech enabled browsers allow field workers to input data for filling forms and invoices, creating a hands-free work environment for technicians, enabling them to concentrate on the job they are involved in. As mobile computing becomes more commonplace in business, the use of advanced technologies like GPS and other peripherals are in the rise. In field service, proof of delivery, invoice and route accounting situations, mobile printers can be used to print invoices, receipts, or purchase orders, shortening the billing cycle and providing customers with an accurate record of the service at the point of interaction. Bar-code readers can be integrated for stock handling and inventory management.

Some of our EVA Accelerators include:

  • Proof of Delivery customizable to goods delivery and bill of lading scenario
  • Mobile Inventory Management designed for both offline and online operation for logistics and other use cases
  • Mobile Service Management for mobile work orders, integrating into your existing Work Order Systems using Open Standards and Interfaces
  • Mobile Payments, integrating with a variety of payment peripherals and processors

EVA for Field Force Benefits:

  • Apply Online/Offline paradigms seamless to your existing Enterprise Applications.
  • Use bar-code, and other on-device peripherals in your mobile force applications.
  • Eliminate paper and clipboard usage, data re-entry errors, travel time to and from offices, and other inefficiencies attached to a Manual Operations and Processing.
  • Multimodal interaction for improved user experience Workflow automation for enhanced processes in customer feedback, job assignments, job tracking, report handling, inventory management and job completion activities
  • Alerts and reminders for job related info, incomplete job notification, for enhanced productivity
  • Deploy on a variety of mobile devices to suit situations and budgets, without rewriting Field Applications.