Intelligent Mobile Virtual Assistant for the post-app era

While there are a billion-plus apps for consumption, studies have shown that most are used very sparingly due to lack of effective engagement of the user. Offering new interaction capabilities beyond "doing digital": the simple use of apps on devices, Openstream's EVA is a transformative solution, to take Enterprises to "being digital", into an Intelligent Assistant Architecture.

EVA – your Enterprise Virtual Assistant

EVA is a Virtual Assistant that gets to know you, your device, your location, your preferences & priorities, and intelligently adapts itself to deliver an "in-the-moment" personalized mobile experience. As an Assistant, EVA monitors all your enterprise applications and content sources and helps to quickly complete your tasks – reducing information overload and data chaos.


Simplify Enterprise Mobility

EVA addresses key aspects of solution design, development, deployment, control, and management of mobile applications, including hosting and support:
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Context Aware Interaction

Serves relevant content based on location, time, preference and other parameters.

Deep Content Notifications / Indexing

Actionable content at User’s fingertips.

Secure Container for all Apps

Enterprise grade security with Single-Sign-On/IAM functionality

Cross Platform

Availability on Broad range of operating systems and devices.

Integrated Communication

Search, share, and collaborate across all enterprise content/apps.

Mobile Application Management

Unified management platform for all applications.

Access to Device Peripherals

Leverage device level features and capabilities

Extensibility to the Internet Of Things

IoT ready for consumer and enterprise grade devices.

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Convenient access to enterprise applications & content
EVA has enabled a wide, and growing range of the most popular and widely used enterprise applications. Each Line of Business has the flexibility to choose its applications – and the solution can be up and running in a matter of just days or weeks.

Email, Communication, Collaboration & Social

Customer Relationship Management

Enterprise Productivity Applications

Enterprise Resource Planning

Learning, Training & HR

Document Management / Sync

RSS Feeds

Media Content

Increase RoI of enterprise information using SmartMail, SmartCalendar, SmartReader and connectors to various enterprise back-end systems.